Notepad, Great for “Washing” Text

Microsoft NotepadI was reminded this week just how handy Notepad is and that not everyone may be aware of it. Someone sent me a three page document that was all jazzed up with tables, cells, type faces and bullets. The sender wanted to add a bulleted item but was stymied by the table borders…that she couldn’t see.

I suggested washing (scrubbing) the text in Notepad then pasting it into a fresh document. “What?” After I explained it a little bit, she thought that it would take too long. Au contraire. It’s easier done than said.

I copied the text, pasted it into Notepad and did a little light editing. I removed the bonus spaces, lines, etc., then pasted the result into a new Word document. After a little in-line formatting, I sent the new doc back to her twenty minutes later.

I really take this for granted. I have at least one instance of Notepad open at all times. I use it with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and anywhere else there’s formatted text…that I want to neutralize. In addition to Outlook, Windows/File Explorer, and Google Chrome, there’s usually a Notepad window open on my desktop. In addition to washing text, I use Notepad to keep and save notes in the very handy *.txt format.