Articulate Storyline Updates

Storyline LogoAt the end of January 2013, Articulate released the fifth update to Storyline 1. This is the fourth “large” update since Storyline was release in May 2012. The January release contains 49+ changes. In my book, that’s a large update.

From a quick glance at the list of enhancements and defect fixes, it appears that a fair number of them are related to HTML5. Since producing content for mobile devices and particularly the iPad is a requirement these days, it makes sense that this relatively new tool (Articulate), should maximize it’s compliance with HTML5/iPad/Safari technology.

Two releases are named “Update 4.” Update 4 (1311.817) was released November 11, 2013 and contained 37+ updates. Update 4 (1311.1422) was released a few days later, November 15, 2013, and contained one update.

Read more about the updates (abbreviated release notes), here:

OWA, Forefront TMG, Change Password, Page Not Found Error 403

Microsoft Forefront LogoAfter upgrading from ISA Server 2006 to Forefront TMG 2010, the Change Password feature in Outlook Web Access (OWA) stopped working. It gave a 403 page error. I looked high and low for a solution but found only poor/bad/incorrect/non-helpful information.

Clicking the Change Password link in OWA attempts to open this page:

In Internet Explorer, this page gives the error:
Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. (12202)

The fix for me was to add /ecp/* on the Paths tab of the OWA rule in Forefront TMG.

1. On the Forefront TMG server, go to Firewall Policy > Exchange OWA (or whatever your OWA policy is called).
2. Select Edit Selected Rule on the Tasks tab. The Properties dialog opens.
3. Select the Paths tab.
4. Click Add and enter the internal path you want to allow. In my case, the hint came from the URL. I entered /ecp/*.
5. Click Apply, OK.

Notepad, Great for “Washing” Text

Microsoft NotepadI was reminded this week just how handy Notepad is and that not everyone may be aware of it. Someone sent me a three page document that was all jazzed up with tables, cells, type faces and bullets. The sender wanted to add a bulleted item but was stymied by the table borders…that she couldn’t see.

I suggested washing (scrubbing) the text in Notepad then pasting it into a fresh document. “What?” After I explained it a little bit, she thought that it would take too long. Au contraire. It’s easier done than said.

I copied the text, pasted it into Notepad and did a little light editing. I removed the bonus spaces, lines, etc., then pasted the result into a new Word document. After a little in-line formatting, I sent the new doc back to her twenty minutes later.

I really take this for granted. I have at least one instance of Notepad open at all times. I use it with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and anywhere else there’s formatted text…that I want to neutralize. In addition to Outlook, Windows/File Explorer, and Google Chrome, there’s usually a Notepad window open on my desktop. In addition to washing text, I use Notepad to keep and save notes in the very handy *.txt format.