Leave the Unnecessary Out, Out of Your Writing

Get the out outToo frequently, the word out is used with certain verbs when it is completely unnecessary, and in fact grammatically incorrect. Here are some examples:

  • Coupons will be emailed out in December
  • Please print out the documents before the meeting
  • Send out an email to staff to tell them about the changes
  • Separate them out
  • Please fill out all required fields

Check a dictionary

If you check a dictionary you’ll find that these verbs do not carry the bonus out at the end:

  • To print out
  • To send out
  • To separate out
  • To mail out
  • To clean out
  • To rent out
  • To empty out
  • To tweet out
  • To balance out

Emphasis should be on the root

When your read or hear someone say send out, you may notice that the emphasis seems to be on the word out. The emphasis should be on the root verb, send. Isn’t the construction so much better without the out? Most writers and editors know this. I wish all writers would catch on.

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