Technical Communicators Wear Many Hats

MensHatsHere are┬ásome of the jobs, titles, tasks, roles, activities…, basically the hats that I wear, as a technical communicator. Naturally, I had to put this list in alphabet order!

I wear at least a few of these on every project.





  • Authoring tool sponsor, tester, integrator, user
  • Brainstormer
  • Contractor, full time employee
  • Defect and enhancement tracker
  • Documentation Specialist
  • eLearning Developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Friend, critic, cheerleader, co-worker, confidante
  • Graduate Student
  • Information Mapper
  • Instructional System Designer
  • Instructor, virtual instructor, trainer, teacher, mentor, resource
  • Learning Consultant
  • Learning Management System Administrator
  • Learning Technology Consultant
  • Level I/II/III technical support, triage, troubleshooter
  • Librarian, curator, archivist
  • Narrator
  • Negotiator, mediator
  • Online & context-sensitive help author
  • PHI Hider
  • Photographer, photo editor/shopper
  • Proposal Writer
  • Prospector, candidate
  • Publisher
  • Report writer, runner, editor
  • Royalty-free image purchaser
  • Screen scraper, image capturer, image editor
  • Script writer
  • SharePoint site/collection administrator
  • SME Interviewer
  • Software sponsor, installer, configurer
  • Software, document, mobile, browser, technical, and user acceptance tester
  • Sound/audio recorder, sound editor
  • Storyboarder
  • Student, learner
  • Style guide author, referee
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Team member, team leader
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Technology researcher, implementer
  • Template creator
  • Time tracker
  • Troubleshooter
  • User assistance creator
  • Videographer, video editor
  • Web Developer
  • Writer, author, formatter, editor, publisher
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